Big Mike Straumietis

Advanced Nutrients is the #1 marijuana fertilizer and supplement company in the world—operating in 92 countries. But beware of knock offs! There are many companies that are trying to copy Advanced Nutrients and their unique brand. The fact is, every new nutrient manufacturer (and even the old guard) want to compare themselves to Advanced Nutrients products. It would appear they are the hydroponics nutrients measuring stick. And for good reason. All their products are created from intense cannabis specific research and development produced by this firm’s laboratories where a team led by 23 plant PhD’s tirelessly perfect their formulas. The truth is that, at the end of the day, there is only one "real thing" and that's why growers that know choose Advanced Nutrients over other brands that claim to do the same thing.

Michael Straumietis (aka "Big Mike") has been on a 31-year quest to help growers enjoy the biggest, best harvests of their lives when growing hydroponics plants. To do that, Big Mike founded multiple companies — his greatest achievement is Advanced Nutrients which he founded and is now the CEO of. In his personal life, he has experiences that make him primed for introducing new levels of growing success. Big Mike comes to the hydroponic growing industry with extensive knowledge in both agriculture and marketing. He became the technical advisor for the hit TV series Weeds and on the films Leaves of Grass and Pineapple Express. And Advanced Nutrients has been featured on the shows CSI and The Closer; on networks like Showtime, TNT, CBS, and CNN; as well as in Playboy, Reuters, and Forbes. And Big Mike became the first person to yield over two pounds per 1000-watt light and teach growers how to consistently do the same. Growers used to struggle to turnout even one pound per light. But Mike changed all that. He was Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile all over again.

Advanced Nutrients hydroponics fertilizers and nutrients are the world leaders in cannabis growing. In fact, since its inception, Advanced Nutrients has achieved, invented, and brought over 50 firsts to the world of marijuana growing, including…

• First and still the only Hydroponics Nutrient Company to have a National Government License to grow Cannabis for research purposes.

• First company to produce Cannabis Specific Hydroponics Nutrients.

• First Hydroponics Nutrient Company to publicly announce they manufacture Cannabis Specific Hydroponics Nutrients over a decade ago.

• First Hydroponics Company to Donate Equipment & Nutrients to Help Medical Marijuana Patients.

• First to do testing on Cannabis Plants taking daily and weekly tissue samples from Buds, Leaves, Stems, and Roots.

… And many other firsts, including 45+ more that we don't have room to list here. The bottom line is that Advanced Nutrients is known as the "original" cannabis company for a reason. That's because they've been doing it the longest, the best, and they've been the most innovative from the very beginning. 

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